Beazley Annual Report 2012

Online report and accounts for Beazley, a global specialist insurance business.

The Client

Beazley is a well established and innovative insurance business with a desire to report to shareholders as soon as possible after the year end. Working alongside The College, Trafiq have been providing Beazley’s online annual and interim reports since 2011.

The Challenge

Historically Beazley have been the first major insurer in the Lloyd's market to report results—a statistic that they are keen to maintain across all media with online being no exception. Each year the content is not fully approved until the evening before the site launch leaving only a few hours to fully populate the site.

What we did

With such a tight deadline there could be no room for error and it was clear that meticulous preparation would be a necessity. As a result we developed custom software and adopted build processes to facilitate and speed the development and ensured that all aspects of the site were ready and thoroughly tested prior to content delivery. This meant that we could focus on the integrity of the content in those last few crucial hours before launch, confident that all would function as intended.

The Outcome

The site was ready for launch as planned, without problem and with time to spare. The client was once again extremely pleased with the result and we look forward to continuing the success with next years report.

We have been working with Trafiq  for over 10 years for corporate websites and in all cases we have had outstanding results.

Amanda Stockley
Account director, The College