Trafiq Digital Stats: September 2018

Posted: 1.10.18

Trafiq digital stats: September

Here is our regular round-up of the best digital stats from studies and research published this month. 

1) The Telegraph reaches 3 million teenagers a month on Snapchat:
Although The Telegraph traditionally has a more mature target audience (recent studies put their average print reader at 61 years old), it appears as though they have been focusing on 'The Telegraph subscribers of the future' by creating bespoke content for Snapchat. The Telegraph claim to reach 3 million-plus teenagers per month via the app and although not a revenue driver, their chief information officer Chris Taylor claim they see positive results -  recent surveys indicate this audience’s affinity with the brand is much higher than typically expected from this demographic.

2) Fintech investments reach all time high in Q2, 2018:
Recent research by Forrester has discovered that in Q2, 2018, investment levels for Fintech companies was its highest ever - over $100 billion funding was raised over this period with FinTech start-ups receiving $19 billion of this.

3) People’s concentration is getting more selective not shorter:
The 2018 State of Attention report by Prezi has discovered that contrary to some beliefs, our attention spans are not becoming shorter as we become more exposed to a dazzling array of digital media, but in actual fact this bombardment of content has made us more selective and better at filtering out unnecessary noise.

4) Amazon is the number one destination for UK millennials:
The Inviqa and Magento ‘What millenials want: online retail in the Amazon era’ report has shown that 59% of 16-36 year olds head to Amazon before any other retail website with 79% of them having made a purchase on Amazon in the last month compared to only 62% of Generation Z. Considering that millennials are expected to represent 35% of all spending by 2030 this is an exceptionally lucrative audience for Amazon.

5) Amazon to open 3,000 cashier-less Go stores by 2021:
Amazon has announced impressive expansion plans for its cashier-less Go formats. Shoppers use a smartphone app to enter the store and then once they scan their phones at the turnstile they can then help themselves to any of the products within the store and then leave without paying at a check-out. Sensors are in place to automatically bill the shoppers for products that have taken. The challenge to Amazon’s vision is the high cost of opening each location with all the hardware required, so they are looking at ways to focus their offering in the attempt to reduce costs.

6) Most searched for fashion brands in the UK:
SEMRush recently revealed the top fashion brands searched for in 2018 were TopShop, New Look and Boohoo as well as the most popular ecommerce fashion sites by traffic were ASOS, Next and Adidas. This interesting study also discovered the key terms and filters users were using to search for fashion items - offering brands an insight into how to best structure their content.

Here are the favourite pieces of research and studies from this month. We look forward to sharing more soon :)

Trafiq digital stats: September