Trafiq Digital Stats: September 2017

Posted: 3.10.17

digital stats september

Here are our favourite digital stats from research and studies published this month.

1) UK consumers want biometric technology in stores:
A recent survey by Worldpay discovered that 63% of people would like to be able to use a biometric scan to authorise payments in-store. When 2,500 consumers across the UK were questioned on which body parts would they prefer, 69% said they’d be happy using their finger, 24% said their face, 33% their iris and 18% their voice.

2) Consumers abandon online shopping baskets due to device switching:
A report by Barclays has shown that shoppers abandon £3.4bn worth of goods in online shopping baskets in the UK every year from changing devices. This is often because people browse on their phones for research before moving to laptops to make the actual purchase. Barclays say that retailers could generate £10.5bn more revenue in five years through introducing more incentives such as discount codes and free delivery.

3) People are becoming more cynical of brands:
People are becoming more cynical of brands with 44% of UK shoppers distrustful of brands. Recent research by Shoppercentric has also revealed that ‘74% of shoppers want to feel good about the retailers they use’ and ‘73% of shoppers want their money to go to retailers they trust’.

4) People are spending less time checking their emails:
According to Adobe’s third annual email survey, people are checking their work and personal emails less frequently than last year and the total number of hours spent on email per day has decreased by 27% from 2016. Interestingly, there was a 28% decrease in consumers checking email messages from their bed in the morning with a quarter of people now waiting until they get to the office before opening their inbox.
The report also indicates that 1 in 5 people never check their emails outside of work hours and nearly half don’t or rarely check their emails whilst on holiday. Although we can only speculate on the reasoning for this - this may be due to a conscious improvement in work-life balance.

5) China: A land of mobile advertising opportunity:
China is currently home to more smartphone users than the US and all of Europe combined (Russia included). In addition, China is the most app-centric mobile market in the world with consumers typically spending 99% of their mobile time in-app and use more apps per month than mobile users from any other country. This naturally offers a tremendous opportunity for mobile advertising. 

6)  Mobile is dominant when accessing the internet:
A recent report by Verto Analytics has revealed that smartphones are now twice as popular as desktops to access the internet. When analysing which devices 5,000 UK adults prefer to use, it found that 57% of people use smartphones, 27% traditional PCs and 16% tablets.

Here are our key digital stats from this month. We look forward to sharing more soon :)


digital stats september