Trafiq Digital Stats: November 2018

Posted: 1.12.18

Trafiq Digital Stats

We've put together our favourite digital stats from research and studies published this month.

1) Mobile ad spend in US to surpass all other forms of ad spend by 2020:
By 2020, mobile ad spend will account for 43% of total ad spend, equal to $113.21bn, which will be more than spent on television, radio, print and outdoor combined. 

2) Iceland reaps huge social success on back of banned advert:
Recent data by Socialbakers has revealed that Iceland's 'Rang-tan' ad - which was banned in the UK for being 'too political' has resulted in significant wins for the brand on social media. 
In 3 days, the buzz around the banned ad resulted in 7000 new Twitter followers, over 30,000 new Facebook fans and 9x more interactions than with any previous post.

3) Amazon rated best in UX:
Recent research by Clutch has identified that according to UK consumers - Amazon's website has the best UX versus other popular sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Gmail.
The data clearly shows that brands who focus on UX and understanding their users needs and behaviours reap the most rewards. In the same research 54% of people said they would stop using a website if it was unreliable or loaded slowly.

4) UK shops endure 11th month of footfall decline:
Recent data released by the British Retail Consortium has shown that the footfall in UK shops dropped by 2% in October on the previous year, marking the 11th consecutive month of footfall decline. Meanwhile the growth of online purchasing is still growing steadily month on month.

Here are our favourite digital stats from this month. We look forward to sharing more soon :)

Trafiq Digital Stats