Trafiq Digital Stats: November 2017

Posted: 29.11.17

Digital stats November

Here are our favourite stats from research published this month:

1) '85% of UK businesses to invest in Artificial Intelligence by 2020':
Research carried out by Deloitte has discovered that nearly nine out of every ten businesses are planning to increase investment in Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things technology by 2020.

2) Poor website load speeds are losing sales for UK retailers:
Visualsoft studied the top 240 UK retailers in their ‘E-retail Performance Report’ and found that 54% of their websites had poor page load speed, taking over 9 seconds to load. 12% of these websites took over 12 seconds to load and only 2% had an excellent load time of under 4 seconds.
Google estimates that e-retailers with poor site speed are losing a minimum of 29% of all potential visitors through load time alone. Research shows that 50% of people will expect a site to load in less than 2 seconds. For every additional second it takes a mobile page to load conversions can drop by up to 20%.

3) CEOs are putting their companies at risk by failing to act on digital transformation:
Research published this month by Forrester has discovered that 20% of CEOs are not sufficiently embracing digital transformation which is putting their companies at risk of losing market share to new entrants or digitally adept competitors.

4) Mobile is the dominant platform for search:
Google Research has stated that 48% of buyers use smartphones to start searching with a search engine.

5) Millennials are more confident making larger purchases online:
Research published this month by Trustpilot and YouGov discovered that 36% of millennials, defined as 18-35 year olds, are increasingly open to buying cars online. This compares to 25% of the buying population overall, demonstrating the need for auto traders and car manufacturers to digitally transform.

Here are the most interesting stats from research and studies published this month, we look forward to sharing more soon :)

Digital stats November