Trafiq Digital Stats: May 2018

Posted: 1.06.18

Trafiq Digital stats May

Our regular round-up of the best digital stats from research and studies published this month.

1) 40% of UK customers intend to exercise their data policy rights in the next 6 months:
According to research released by Veritas Technologies this month, many companies may become inundated with requests for personal information as 40 per cent of respondents stated that they planned to take advantage of their new data privacy rights after GDPR came into force on 25th May 2018.

2) Over a third of digital marketers admit to losing sleep over the the damaging affect Amazon has on their business:
This surprising statement came out of recent research involving 200 marketing professionals across a diverse range of industries. Over a third (32%) admitted to losing sleep due to fears about how the competition from Amazon will negatively affect their business over the next 18 months. It makes compelling reading - so definitely read the full research if you get a chance.

3) More than half of European sales will take place online or be digitally influenced by 2021:
55 per cent of European sales (amounting to £875bn) will occur online or be digitally influenced off-line sales by 2021. 

4) Companies are putting money aside for GDPR fines:
Almost half of companies are saving money for potential GDPR fines in the future. This is according to recent research by Ensighten, which surveyed over 150 UK brand and agency-side marketing decision makers. Although many respondents had concerns about the new regulation, 69 per cent of marketers believed that GDPR would enhance the accuracy and consistency of their data.

Here are our favourite digital stats for this month, we look forward to sharing more soon :)

Trafiq Digital stats May