Trafiq Digital Stats: May 2017

Posted: 31.05.17

Digital statistics

Here are our favourite digital stats from research and studies published in May.

1) The importance of a seamless customer experience across all channels was highlighted recently, when research showed that '36% of users would think unfavourably of brands which offered them an inconsistent experience across mobile, online and in-store'. Interestingly, when asked about the best way to shop, 39% of people said on-line and 39% in-store, highlightly how important it is for brands to offer an easy to use, pleasurable experience across multiple fronts.

2) Incredible stats appeared from the leave campaign this month, unveiling that during the EU referendum, Vote Leave spent a whopping 98 per cent of its £6.8m budget on digital advertising, mostly via Facebook. In the 2015 election, the Conservatives spent £1.2m on digital campaigning, compared with Labour’s £160,000. This meant that the Conservatives reached 17 million people per week, while Labour reached only 16 million in their best month. Facebook claimed that the Conservatives had been able to serve ads to 80 per of the site’s users in key marginals. It also boasted that the company “played a part on a highly targeted campaign, helping the Conservatives to speak to the right people over and over again.” All via The Independent

3) ‘A third of all searches performed in Google are for images’, again a pretty incredible stat released recently. Moz recently did a great Whiteboard Friday to show how to rank for images in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

4) '64% of users claim that a slow or confusing website puts them off a company' according to recent research conducted by YouGov on behalf of Salesforce. Understanding your target audience and focusing on a UX (user experience) approach is absolutely critical in delivering a successful website.

5) Consumers are becoming more open to the idea of targeted content and ads, with '46% saying they would like ecommerce sites to promote products based on their prior tastes and interests'. With the abundance of data available the opportunities for personalisation is tremendous, yet 58% of people think that brands and marketers are failing to target them effectively.

6) Consumers abandon brands who lack positive corporate values. A MediaCom study shows power of brand purpose with almost one-in-two consumers willing to pay more for a brand that supports a cause that’s important to them. 40% of customers would stop using a brand or would never use a brand because of its values and 63% believe that brands have a responsibility to give back to society. Via

7) 'Finance websites have the highest average abandonment rate of any industry at 83.5%', according to data from Salecycle. Its Q1 2017 report shows that the average abandonment rate across all sectors is 75.6%, with 52.3% of all abandonments taking place on mobile

8) 'Amazon Echo is predicted to be in 40% of homes by 2018'. The adoption of Amazon Echo has been rapid since its launch in Autumn 2016, with ownership expected to increase to 4 out of every 10 homes by early 2018.

Here are the key stats from this month, look forward to sharing more soon :)

Digital statistics