Trafiq Digital Stats: March 2019

Posted: 28.03.19

Digital stats

Here are our favourite digital stats from research and studies published this month.

1) Smartphone has overtaken desktop’s share of online sales for the first time ever:
This is a huge milestone for mobile, with Capgemini IMRG reporting that UK shoppers now spend more online via their smartphones than desktops or tablets. In Q4 2018/2019, 40.4% of sales were made via Smartphone, 39.7% via desktop and 19.9% via tablet.  UK shoppers are also increasingly using mobile to access retail sites with 74.3% of traffic coming via Smartphones.

2) Half of UK shoppers make an Amazon purchase at least once a month:
According to Global Data, 51.4% of UK shoppers buy from Amazon at least once a month, with 12.2% buying from them at least once a fortnight.
The growth of Amazon sees no sign of waning as Amazon’s UK revenue rose 23.3% in 2018 and data shows that the retailer is expected to account for 8% of total retail spend by 2023.

3) Consumers process mobile advertising within 0.4 of a second:
Recent research by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) has uncovered that it takes only 0.4 of a second for a user to engage with a mobile ad and create an immediate positive or negative reaction. It discovered that mobile created a much faster cognitive processing time than desktop so advertisers need to focus on connecting with their audience positively within the first 0.4 seconds of any advert.

4) 94% of shoppers research products online first:
According to research released this month by ‘Marketing Signals’, 94% of UK consumers always research a product online first, however 85% of the 1,056 adults surveyed still to prefer to buy in-store rather than online. According to Marketing Signals, Managing Director, “Retailers who utilise digital technologies to drive in-store footfall, whilst tracking and attributing customers to their digital spend are setting themselves up most likely to succeed in the modern age”

These are the best digital stats from this month, we look forward to sharing more soon :)

Digital stats