Trafiq Digital Stats: March 2017

Posted: 30.03.17

Here are our favourite digital statistics published from research and studies this month. 

1) '3 million British businesses were compromised by cyber attacks last year'.
According to new research published by Beaming, over half (52%) of British businesses fell victim to some form of cybercrime in 2016. Computer viruses and phishing attacks were the most common threats with just under a fifth (18 percent) of businesses suffering some form of hack or data breach.

2) 'Emotional context could make digital ads 40% more effective'
According to Yahoo, the emotional state of users can significantly impact on their receptiveness to advertising. Research shows UK and US consumers are ‘upbeat’ 46% percent of the time. Crucially for advertisers, data shows that when these consumers are ‘upbeat’ they are 24% more receptive to content in general but 40% more receptive to digital content.

3)'A third of consumers would move their banking to Google, Amazon or Facebook if these businesses offered these services'. Accenture recently carried out research highlighting how financial services need to build loyalty and confidence in their customers to avoid being outflanked by tech giants.

4) Research by Mediapos predicts that by 2020 approximately 30% of searches will be carried out without using a screen. This is tremendous shift in the way that search will operate and will be a significant consideration when designing interfaces in the future.

5) 'Total video content rose by 26% in 2016' The Video Monetization Report by Freewheel reported that 2016 was a pivotal year in video consumption with content views increasing by 26% and ad views up by 24%.

6) Instagram has just announced that it has an active advertiser base of 1m. This has grown significantly, from 200,000 from the beginning of last year. 

7) Mobile commerce is set to overtake as the primary check out point after 2020. According to data from Statista, mobile's share of ecommerce sales is expected to reach 34% by the end of this year with it reaching 48% by as soon as 2020. 

Here are the key statistics we've found online in March. We look forward to sharing more epic stats with you soon :)