Trafiq Digital Stats: June 2018

Posted: 1.07.18

Digital stats June

We've pulled together the key digital stats from this month.

1) UK companies risk losing £107 billion for failing to maintain customer relevance:
A report by Accenture this month discovered that many UK businesses are failing to embrace the power of data analytics to ensure they remain 'relevant' to consumers. These companies risk losing £107bn worth of revenue as customers seek alternative brands.

2) Top-performing companies are twice as likely as their mainstream peers to classify themselves as digital-first:
The recent Econsultancy and Adobe ‘Digital Trends Report 2018’ clearly shows that those organisations who strategically focus on ‘digital’ first are vastly outperforming their peers. This year’s report, now in its eighth year, gives an annual view of the ‘state of the nation’ of digital alongside data showing what distinguishes outperforming companies from their peers - definitely an insightful read.

3) Smartphones generate half of all orders for the first time:
A recent report by ‘Yes Lifestyle Marketing’ has highlighted how popular Smartphones are in generating orders for the first time. Research which included the analysis of over seven billion emails sent during Q1, 2018, discovered that smartphones generated 51% of all email-orders for the first time as well as 35% of all email-driven revenue. During this period, smartphone and tablet orders were responsible for 58% of all email-driven orders, up 22% year on year from 2017.

4) 20% of smart speaking owning Brits use them to boil an egg:
An interesting study out by Code this month surveyed 1000 people in the UK on their personal uses in regards to their Voice Activated Virtual Assistant. One out of every ten adults now own a Voice Assistant and the research showed that 50% of people use them to check the news and weather and one in two use them to boil and egg. 

5) Users no longer use Facebook for news:
Unsurprisingly, the recent press coverage around ‘Fake News’ and Facebook’s involvement in amplifying this content has meant that there has been a sharp fall in the number of people using Facebook to keep abreast of news and current affairs.

6) Almost half of all buyers will make up their mind before approaching a vendor:
Fndings from 'The 2018 Buyer Preferences Study' from the Miller Heiman Group discovered that 70% of buyers fully define their needs on their own before even approaching or engaging with a seller. It is therefore vital that B2B consumers are allowed to find the content they need online by themselves prior to getting in touch with companies. The research discovered that 44% of potential buyers identify specific solutions before engaging with sales reps and 20% don’t contact sellers until they are ready to commit to a deal.

These are our favourite stats from this month, we look forward to sharing more soon :)

Digital stats June