Trafiq Digital Stats: June 2017

Posted: 2.07.17

Digital statistics

Here is our regular round-up of the best digital statistics from research and studies published last month.

1) Companies are failing to plan for screenless search:
By 2020, approximately 30% of searches will be performed without a screen. Research has shown that companies are not sufficiently preparing for this trend however, as a recent BrightEdge survey of 252 digital marketers discovered that although 31% claim that voice search will be the next big trend, two-thirds have admitted that they have not yet started preparing for it. This is a huge opportunity for those businesses who start strategically planning, especially considering voice search already accounts for 20% of all mobile searches at the moment.

2) Business-to-business ecommerce shows significant growth:
Much focus has been given to the B2C market, however recent research by Forrester has shown that B2B has enormous growth potential and is due to reach $1.2 trillion in the US by 2021.

3) Personalised consumer experiences can increase revenue by 6%:
90% of organisations that invest in personalised consumer experiences say that it significantly increases business profitability. A new report by Qubit analysed more than 2bn user journeys and 120m purchases to determine the potential uplift that personalisation can bring and it showed that businesses could add as much as 6% to revenue through utilising techniques such as social proof and personalised stock levels of products.

4) Business videos typically take place on desktop:
Knowing on what device your video is played is hugely important for optimising it effectively. Recent research has shown that 86% of business videos take place on a desktop and only 14% on a mobile.

5) User generated content is key in influencing purchase decisions:
Research has shown that user generated content is the single most important influential factor in determining purchasing intent.

6) Instagram stories' usage is still on the increase:
Instagram stories, the function that allows users to upload videos and photos which disappear after 24 hours, has continued to show tremendous growth. It is now used by more than 250m people every day, 100m more than Snapchat. Although Snapchat entered the market first, Instagram were able to scale it up much quicker. 

Here are our favourite online stats published this month. We look forward to sharing more soon :)

Digital statistics