Trafiq Digital Stats: February 2019

Posted: 1.02.19

Digital stats: February 2019

We've put together the best digital stats from research and studies published this month. 

1) Average daily internet usage on the decline:
The average time users are spending online is 6 hours 42 minutes, down 1.7% from 2018. This is the first time this stat has fallen since monitoring began in 2015. The We Are Social and Hootsuite’s 'Digital In 2019' report, which was published this month, is full of interesting information regarding global trends and internet usage.

2) Companies now spend 40% of their marketing budget on Influencer Marketing:
A new study by Rakuten Marketing reveals that expenditure on Influencer Marketing has doubled in the past two years - reaching 40% of all marketing spend in 2019. The research, which focused on B2C industries such as fashion and makeup, highlighted that rather than using top tier celebrities most brands are engaging with smaller micro-influencers.

3) Nearly a fifth of all British children aspire to be social media influences:
A survey of 2000 parents by Awin has uncovered (perhaps depressingly!) that a fifth of all British children want to become social media influencers when they finish school. 17% of 11-16 year olds want to become a social media influencer and 14% a YouTuber.

4) 3 in 4 consumers swap to competitors after one bad experience:
Acquia’s recent ‘Customer Experience Trends Report’ has uncovered that consumers are becoming even quicker to change brands after having bad experiences, with 75% of those studied admitted they would swap competitors after only one bad experience. This is another great study published this month which is most definitely worth a read!

These are our favourite stats from research published this month. We look forward to sharing more soon :)

Digital stats: February 2019