Trafiq Digital Stats: February 2018

Posted: 6.03.18

Digital stats February 2018

Our regular round-up of the best digital stats from research and studies published this month.

1)  Mobile payments now account for 11% of Starbucks’ sales in the US:
This month, Starbucks announced that its mobile order and pay service grew to 11% of all transactions within their US stores in Q1 2018.
The growing popularity of mobile payment has led to Starbucks experimenting with cashless stores and last month the executive chairman and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, told CNBC that Starbucks would soon be a cashless retailer, proclaiming that “that time is nearer than you think”.

2) Cash eclipsed as Britain turns to digital payments:
Debit cards are set to overtake cash as the most commonly used payment type by the end of this year, according to UK Finance which represents leading finance and banking firms. Notes and coins are set to fall to 21% of all sales by 2026.

3) The FCA reveal a fourfold increase in data hacking attacks against financial services companies:
The Financial Conduct Authority has revealed that reported data hacking attacks have quadrupled in the last year. In light of GDPR’s arrival in a few months, it is even more paramount that businesses put the necessary security precautions in place to prevent customers’ data being at risk.

4) The ROI of Email Marketing continues to rise:
According to the recently published, Marketer Email Tracker Report 2018, the Return on Investment of Email Marketing campaigns is on the rise with ROI increasing from £30.03 for every £1 spent in 2017 to £32.28 this year.

5) Brits spend £1.6bn a year on impulse purchases via social media:
Recent research by Post Office Money, has discovered that 47% of Brits make impulse purchases via social media at least once a month - with the average user spending £318 a year. This is a tremendous opportunity for brands who invest in their social presence.

6) £2 out of every £3 spent on Christmas day in the UK last year was spent on mobile:
In Deloitte's 'Retail Trends Report 2018' it also reported that the in-store footfall in the 5 weeks prior to Christmas was down 5.5% on the same period for the previous year and the UK's Christmas online spend was up 9.4% to £8.2bn.

7) The growing importance of analytics:
CMOs are predicting that spend on marketing analytics will increase by 198% over the next three years as Marketing Analytics are increasingly used in decision making, up from 30.4% five years ago to 42.1%.

Here are our key stats from this month, we look forward to sharing more soon :)

Digital stats February 2018