Trafiq Digital Stats: February 2017

Posted: 9.03.17

Digital statistics

With the digital industry changing at such a fast pace it's becoming even more important to keep up to date with new studies and trends in the sector. We've put together some of the key digital stats from the last month. 

Here are our top 7:

1. ‘5.5 billion people predicted to be using mobile phones by 2021’. According to Cisco more members of the global population will be using mobile phones in 2021 (5.5 billion) than will have bank accounts (5.4 billion), running water (5.3 billion) or landlines (2.9 billion).

2. ‘UK consumers spent the most via mobile last Christmas than anywhere else in the world’. According to Adobe’s latest Digital Index, UK shoppers spent more via mobile last Christmas than any other nation. Data shows that 60% of online visits to UK retailers over Christmas were made on mobile, and of every £10 spent online in the UK, £4.10 came from a mobile device.

3. 'By 2020, customer service will become more important than product or price'
Walker research has predicted that soon a brand’s biggest advantage will not be price or product but customer experience. As a user’s online experience with a brand is so critical, it is key that brands invest in UX to ensure the best user experience for their customers.

4. ‘Live chat leads to greater customer loyalty’. A new infographic by Skilled highlights how live chat on ecommerce sites can lead to increased levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. 60% of content created by the world’s leading 1,500 brands is ‘just clutter’ that has little impact on consumers’ lives or business results. The majority of content created by brands is having little or impact on business results or people’s lives, according to Havas’ lastest ‘Meaningful Brands’ Study.

6. 'Mobile network connection speeds will increase threefold from 6.8 Mbps in 2016 to 20.4 Mbps by 2021'. 

7. ‘46% of consumers influenced by social video’. In a study by the Science of Social Video, it was found that people spend an average of six hours a week watching video content on social media networks. The study also highlighted how social video can impact purchasing decisions, with 46% saying they had made a purchase as a result of watching a branded video on social media.

These are some of the epic stats collated this month, look forward to sharing more soon :)


Digital statistics