Trafiq Digital Stats: December 2018

Posted: 1.01.19

Digital stats December 2018

We've pulled together the key digital stats from this month.

1) 90% of marketers believe Google's focus on proximity can be detrimental to search results:
Moz released their 'The State of Local SEO' Industry Report 2019 this month highlighting the ever changing nature of SEO. A must read for anyone working in digital, this report also concluded that many smaller businesses weren't taking advantage of local SEO and that link building and review management were one of the main SEO tactics that were frequently overlooked. 

2) British people comment more on branded Facebook posts than any other nationality:
An interesting study recently released by Socialbakers has highlighted the cultural differences in how people interact with Facebook, with UK branded Facebook posts getting more comments than any other country. Interestingly, French people ‘haha’ more comments than other nationalities and Americans ‘love’ more than others.

3) 41% of UK internet users reduced their time spent on social media in 2018:
A recent study by GlobalWebIndex has discovered that the way in which users are accessing social media platforms is changing - with 41% of UK users making a conscious decision to reduce time spent on social media in 2018 with 46% of US users making the same choice. This data taken from the ‘GlobalWebIndex Trends 2019 Report’ is full of interesting insights. 

4) Businesses spent more than $2bn on Influencer Marketing campaigns in 2018:
2018 was huge for Influencer Marketing and this trend looks set to grow even further in 2019. Econsultancy put together a great summary of top Influencer Marketing trends in 2019 which is well worth a read.

5) Nearly half of consumers find chatbots annoying:
Chatbots have been gaining ground this last year with the Chatbot market expected to exceed £1 billion by 2024. It appears as though customers aren’t always receptive to them though as the recent ‘Closing the CX Gap: Customer Experience Trends Report’ by Acquia discovered that nearly half of people find them frustrating. It is vital that businesses ensure Chatbots offer value and are being used to fulfil consumers needs - rather than simply being used without due consideration.

These are our favourite stats from research and studies published this month, we look forward to sharing more soon :)

Digital stats December 2018