Trafiq Digital Stats: December 2017

Posted: 4.01.18

Our regular round-up of the best digital stats from research and studies published this month:

1) Digital influencers are now the most popular form of brand endorsement:
In Hello Celebrity’s recent ‘The Age of Social Influence’ report it established that digital influencers are now more popular than traditional brand ambassadors such as musicians and actors. 61% of brands have worked with digital influencers in the past 12 months, achieving an average return of £17.21 for every £1 invested.

2) Digital skills are in short supply and in high demand:
Deloitte's recent 'UK Digital Disruption Index' report discovered that 75% of companies are facing difficulties recruiting digital talent with the top three most difficult roles to recruit being 1) Data scientists and analysts 2) Digital strategists 3) Web designers and developers.

3) India claims to be the highest consumer of mobile data in the World:
The CEO of the National Institute for Transforming India has announced that India is now the top country for consuming mobile data; more than the US and China combined (although this fact still needs to be verified by the industry!).

4) Emotion is more important in creating customer loyalty that previously thought:
Capgemini recently surveyed more than 9000 consumers, 500 executives and leading academics in a bid to understand the drivers of consumer loyalty. Findings showed that emotion was a far greater influence in creating true brand loyalty than current approaches recognize. Research found that 82% of consumers always buy the brand they emotionally connect with compared with only 38% of consumers with low brand engagement. Significantly, the report also discovered that 70% of consumers are willing to pay more for brands with which they have higher emotional engagement. 

5) GDPR will empower people to take control of their data:
Research by BroadbandGenie has shown that 62% of UK consumers don’t feel in control of personal data stored on them and 92% would like to report a company if they felt that their data had been misused in someway. Currently however, only 40% of consumers feel confident about who they should report a complaint to. Once GDPR is introduced this year and consumers are far more aware of their rights, it is likely that people will take action against companies misusing their personal information far more frequently.  

6) 50% of millennial women say Instagram is the best way for brands to reach them:
Millennial-focused publisher Bustle’s recent research discovered that 81% of their readers say social media is the most effective way to reach them and of those women, 40 percent feel Instagram is the best and most effective social media platform to connect on.  

Here are our key digital stats this month, we look forward to sharing more soon :)