Trafiq Digital Stats: August 2018

Posted: 1.09.18

Digital stats august

Here is our regular round-up of the best digital stats from research and studies published this month:

1) Product recommendations at point of purchase generate a 33% uplift in order value:
A new report by Monetate has discovered that product recommendations can have a huge effect on sales and overall customer experience. Analysis of over 700 ecommerce sessions discovered that customers who engaged with product recommendations had a 70% increase in purchase rates and a 33% increase in average order value.

2) Only 3% of shoppers search in-store before purchasing online:
The process of ‘showrooming’ - whereby consumers go into retail outlets to physically look at products before buying them online has always been perceived as a huge threat to high-street retailers. A recent study of 4,800 UK adults however, has discovered that only 3% actually research products in-store prior to purchasing online. In actual fact, the vast majority, 75% of consumers research products online first (known as ‘webrooming’) with half of these then opting to buy in-store.

3) Most shoppers abandon their purchase if checkout is too hard:
According to recent research by Splitit, 87% of consumers would abandon their shopping basket if the check-out process appeared too difficult or confusing to navigate around. 55% of these shoppers stated that they would leave their purchase and never return to the retailer.

4) Is voice search really the future?
Although we have been continuously told that by 202050% of all searches will be voice searches, it appears as though this may be a slow burner. Recent research has discovered that only 2% of people who own Amazon Alexa have made a purchase using it. So although its impact is likely to be significant in the future it will take time to be fully embraced by consumers.

4) ‘Back to life season’ offers tremendous opportunities for retailers:
An interesting study by Pinterest has discovered that that the uplift in online searches for organizational, health and wellbeing products and services that typically occurs in early January is also visible in early September search patterns. 

Here are our favourite digital stats from this month. We look forward to sharing more soon :)


Digital stats august