Trafiq Digital Stats: August 2017

Posted: 1.09.17

Here is our regular round-up of the best digital stats from research and studies published last month.

1) Amazon’s dominance is HUGE:
Recent research carried out by Salmon claims that 37% of all online spend in the US and Europe is now through Amazon. In the US alone, 57% of all online spend is through the internet retailer.

2) Artificial Intelligence drives sales:
Recent stats show that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has tremendous opportunities for driving sales. Some companies claim they have received a 63% increase in sales as a result of using chatbots; which have assisted consumers in discovering new products and deals.

3) Facebook Influencers reap big rewards:
A new study by Rakuten Marketing has shown that some brands are willing to pay in excess of £75k to celebrity Facebook influencers to mention their brand in a single Facebook post. In the fashion sector this figure can rise to £160k, highlighting the perceived value influencers have on brand awareness and positioning. 

4) Active Instagram users spend nearly 30 minutes on the platform every day:
Due to the popularity of ‘stories’, which was introduced a year ago,  Instagram has revealed that people are spending more time overall on the platform. The under 25 age group are apparently using Instagram on average 32 minutes a day whereas for over 25s the average is 24 minutes. In addition, over half of brands have posted an Instagram story in the last month.  

5) People unsubscribe when they receive too many emails:
Recent research claims the main reason for people unsubscribing from a retailer’s email list is because they get too many emails, followed by them being irrelevant. When questioned, nearly a quarter (24%) said they got messages from some retailers at least once a day. This not only leads to a lower ROI for businesses from not ensuring the content is sufficiently relevant but also creates a negative perception of the brand. 

6) Most internet traffic comes from bots:
Possibly suprisingly, 51.8% of all internet traffic come froms bots, while only 48.2% comes from humans.

7) And finanlly who said British people weren't mad!!:
According to recent research, 17% of UK cats and dogs have their own social media profile!

That's all our favourite stats from August, look forward to sharing more soon :)