BrightonSEO: September 2016

Posted: 5.09.16

From starting out in the upstairs of a pub with a handful of SEO folk this event has now become slicker (and some might say better!) than ever before. This year BrightonSEO moved to a bigger venue, The Brighton Centre, with more speakers and delegates than ever before.

As usual, the Trafiq team attended the event. Here are some of the key presentations from the day.

Content Success

Sustainable content marketing: Paddy Moogan

Overcoming launch fear: Lexi Mills

How changing your mind can make you successful: Lisa Myers


How a data-driven approach to content can make your online-business internationally successful: Shyam Dattani

Does CTR really affect website performance: Sam Thomas

How a reviews strategy helps your SEO?: Chris Bullick

Content Strategy

Content marketing, approaching it as a publisher: Martijn Scheijbeler

No idea? How to create B2B marketing campaign ideas that sell: Lauren Greatorex

Why we need to stop avoiding content personalisation: Kirsty Hulse

Content Marketing

Why email rules content marketing: Steve Linney

Content marketing framework: Helene Hall

How to put a price on digital content: Simon Bennison


7 more things you didn't know about links and redirects: Christoph Cemper

5 ways to use PR, and fuel your digital strategy (beyond link building): Aisha Kellaway

Getting your users to do your content marketing for you: Sophie Turton

Lessons from link building in 2009 that apply today: Stacey MacNaught

Tech SEO

Log files: 5 critical Tech SEO questions your logs can answer: Mark Thomas

htaccess Hell - Managing a Migration When There's No "catch all" Answer: Chris Green

How HTTP/2 will change the web as we know it: Nils De Moor

Voice Search

Are you prepared for voice search?: Purna Virji

How to speak search engine: Christian Ward


Analytics 360 Suite: Is it a game changer?: Dara Fitzgerald

Custom variables in Google Tag Manager: Dr Jess Spate

Analytics horror stories: Anna Lewis


The hidden pitfalls of ecommerce SEO: Dave Naylor

6 Weird Google Shopping feed hacks that retailers will love: Rob Watson

Why local search should be part of your e-commerce strategy: David Whatley


Emerging types of search: Tom Anthony

Best practice is not enough: Stephen Kenwright

International Success

Sharing framework for international success: Dewi Nawasari

How to create an international blog to boost your SEO


5 key trends shaping the future of local search: Myles Anderson

Humanising search; Au naturale: Jimisha Thakrar